I was first introduced to Rosa in May 2018. I was nervous and skeptical at first and just wanted to concentrate the reading on my Relationship but Rosa took me down a much deeper path and made me look at things differently using her insights and Psychic abilities. She really helped my Relationship get back on track and i can honestly say everything she said came true. She made me look at things differently including my own behavior by explaining the root cause and my own negative behavioral patterns, offering me suggestions for a better path . Having not previously tried for a baby at 39, i was nervous it could ever happen. She reassured me that i would conceive fairly easily and within a time frame. This gave me the confidence to relax about things. i fell pregnant in July 2019 very quickly with Frazer... Frazer was born in March 29th 2019. I had another reading in October 2020, as i was starting to think about having another child. This was the first thing that Rosa picked up on - again telling me i would conceive easily but i had a window of a few months . Euan was born in 27th August 2021.. He was meant to be elective Section at 39 weeks so he was early. Rosa did say whatever my birth plan, Euan would be healthy !. Euan was born Naturally 3 hours before his planned section. I don't think i will ever doubt Rosa's ability again. I've recommended Rosa to many of my friends over the years. If it wasn't for Rosa i'm pretty sure my life would be very different and i'm so grateful to her for all her wonderful insights and guidance over the years. Rosa is also a very kind and caring and approachable. Person

Helen Blake September 2nd 2021

Rosa thank you so much for my email reading. It was interesting and so on point with what me and my husband are going through. I feel a lot more positive so Thank you.

Lisa from London ~ April 2021

Everything you said has been happening so accurately it's unbelievable! Thank you.. xx

Vanessa C March 2021

I wanted to let you know how much of what had come through in readings from as far back as 2015 has come to light and is now making sense Love Rosie xxx

Rosie; March 2021

Hi Rosa How are you? Hope you're well and having a lovely week. Just wanted to send you an update. During our last reading you saw me working again in the near future, New training, Knowledge, and new projects. Today I've completed a 6 week course online for woman and girls Network!. The organization is a female only survivor led service to help and support other woman and girls who've been affected by sexual abuse domestic Violence Rape etc. My therapist put me forward for this role as she believes i'm strong enough and resilient enough which is amazing and i believe this too. I'm so excited that i can now help others,it really is my Passion! So grateful for the opportunity and for all your amazing Help and guidance over the Years. . I'm looking fwd to this new chapter and what's ahead XX

Anon February 2021 London

Rosa, I wanted to send you an email, as you said when it happened you wanted to hear, because you were so confident .... You read for me in Feb last year about a week after I had lost my baby at 5 months pregnant, and had had to go through the traumatic experience of giving birth to her and then having her funeral. I was desperate to know if I would have another baby as the baby I had lost was IVF. You told me that I needed to start tracking my cycle and go all out, you said you thought I would conceive within the year and that it could happen naturally, you thought the baby would be early and that it might be another girl but you couldn’t be sure........ So I did everything you told me to do and found out I was pregnant in the June, with no IVF completely natural. I had a little girl last Wednesday and she was born a week early.... I can’t tell you how much that reading helped me and I held on to what you said even when I had doubts. I wanted to say thank you and say how amazing you are because there were so many other small things that you said that over the year have happened just as you predicted and that’s in addition to my beautiful baby girl. Thank you from the bottom of my heart xxx Tasha xxx

Tasha February 2021

Hi Rosa. i referred you to a very good friend of mine. I came to see you a while ago, I ended up getting back with my boyfriend as you predicted and we are engaged and getting married next year ! I never got the chance to to tell you that you gave me the strength to do the the right thing for me. Thank you. I will keep referring you. You're amazing!

Denise November 2020

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