Tarot card of the moment

Knight of Pentacles

Minor arcana
slow, steady progress
Star sign

Consolidating your plans and making moves to cement goals and prepared to put in the hard work to achieve goals. Travel on land.

Characteristics - Serious, planning, persistent, reliable. Quite often a person who works with his hands a Tradesman etc. He likes to plan and stick to his plans, working tirelessly toward his goal. Money and material things come first with him. Responsible, hardworking, independent. He would prefer to have his own business as he detests being told what to do by other people. Always prepared to put in hard work necessary to achieve a goal. Loves home life, stability and predictability and will endure a very difficult situation rather than change. He is sometimes seen by other people as a plodder. A good provider, hides his emotions but has a soft centre. Conservative in tastes and careful with his reputation. If he is hindered in his progress towards his goal he will temporarily be upset but will get back on his horse and keep going to achieve the goal.

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I've been having readings with Rosa for over two years. The last one was last month and once again i was blown away by her accurcy of what she see's and by the clarity of her guidance. Rosa helped me to go fwd in life with great assurance and trust in myself and in the universe. She has been specific in relation to my kids, who have a rare congenital blood pathology.. She could not have guessed this - plus describing their personalities and ways to study ,work and friendships. I also had a specific reading regarding me and my partner which helped me massivly in understaning the situation, choosing one path with reasurrance and faith. I find the recording of the reading very helpful and am amazed each time by how much is in it... Thank you Rosa. Can't wait to see how things will manifest and evolve in the next monthsYou suley have taken alot of worries away. xxx

Sonia Novmeber 2021