Tarot card of the moment

Ace of Cups

Minor arcana
stirrings of the heart

Feelings of emotional fulfilment and contentment. Open to new opportunities which could include a new relationship, a deeper commitment to an existing relationship, birth of child or new level of fulfilment. Positive for relationships. Either the start of a relationship or the deepening of an existing one. Can denote a relationship with someone is helping you to connect to your spiritual purpose. A celebration or happy event.

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Hi Rosa How are you? Hope you're well and having a lovely week. Just wanted to send you an update. During our last reading you saw me working again in the near future, New training, Knowledge, and new projects. Today I've completed a 6 week course online for woman and girls Network!. The organization is a female only survivor led service to help and support other woman and girls who've been affected by sexual abuse domestic Violence Rape etc. My therapist put me forward for this role as she believes i'm strong enough and resilient enough which is amazing and i believe this too. I'm so excited that i can now help others,it really is my Passion! So grateful for the opportunity and for all your amazing Help and guidance over the Years. . I'm looking fwd to this new chapter and what's ahead XX

Anon February 2021 London