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  • Possible outcome
    Eight of Cups

  • Final outcome
    Ace of Pentacles

  • Recent past
    Six of Wands

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    Ten of Cups

  • Immediate future
    Page of Pentacles

  • Hopes and fears
    Five of Pentacles

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  • Your environment
    The Star

  • Your attitude
    Four of Swords

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Would like to thank rosa for her help over the past few months, funny caring and spot-on! You were right i fell in love with the house. We are in the process of buying it and i now have the confidence to trust my own intuition about where i need to be and how i need to live to be truly happy. Its going to be a long journey but the first steps have been made. With help from jules & rosa my life will be fulfilled and happy and i have gained a deeper understanding of myself and those around me thanks again. xxxxx.

blue.heron (donna and sometimes paul), 32, Essex