October is an important month for you with a full Moon in your Sign on the 20th. Also mercury turns direct on the 18th and Saturn, stations direct on the 10th. The fool Card is an excellent energy to work with, as it has no boundaries and enables you to re-write a new script, as it were… “New Beginnings” is often used to describe this card .- there’s definitely a sense of newness in the air—a fresh cycle awaits you. If you’re thinking of taking a risk this month then the universe will support you. You might decide to take a last minute trip somewhere, even going solo!! And why not.. . One thing to watch for though - don’t be too trusting. Your boundaries aren’t strong enough this month and someone may take advantage of you.. Keep everything light and breezy is the message..



Intuition is your best friend this month Taurus with the High priestess guiding and protecting you. The High Priestess speaks in the language of old, so find some quite time and space regularly throughout October to hear her messages. Enrolling on a course of study may also pique you interest this Month if you’ve been putting things off. Anytime after the 18th would be an ideal time to start, with Mercury our Winged messenger ready to go direct and a Full Moon in Fiery Aries on the 20th, both will help to kick start the process.. Don’t give your Power away is the message with the High Priestess..  Sit in your energy and align yourself with her vibe..



A busy month ahead for you Gemini with the Knight of wands as your card for the Month. You’ll have a lot of restless energy, so make sure you use it productively. Fired up with passion and motivation,you’re ready to Chanel your energy - energizing those that are close to you.  As your Ruler Mercury stations direct on the 18th, movement and travel are also well starred,.. You may be thinking of taking a short trip away somewhere exciting, or it might be a case of being everywhere - due to a busy schedule..  Because you’re feeling so ‘fired up’ be careful not to rush into something without considering the consequences.  You may not have a clear plan of attack so the message here is to slow down and you’ll get to where you need to be.



Dreaming up new and creative ideas Cancer nothing will get in your way this month. You’re experiencing a new level of Consciousness that you want to implement in the Physical world in some shape or form.Time to embrace a new journey or project and see where it takes you.  You don’t necessarily have a solid plan or know where it might be heading but your excitement and enthusiasm will guide you to the right place. Ruled by the Moon - you’re deeply intuitive and will feel her rays beaming down on you on the 20th. Plan something special or mark this date in your diary. The Page of Wands represents young Fire energy.. The start of a new phase..  .



This month marks a painful and inevitable ending. Something could come to an abrupt end like a bolt out of the Blue! You could be the victim of someone else’s betrayal or deception—so watch out particularity at the beginning of the month.The best way to handle this energy is to recognize where you may have unwittingly acted out the role of the Victim? The good news is that it’s out, and its final. All those uncomfortable rumblings and ‘what if’s’ are now out in the open. The message here is to pick yourself up and reflect on what happened.. Allow yourself to heal and grow from the pain.. The Aries Moon on the 20th, marks a new and positive beginning



You’ll be telling it like it is this month Virgo which is unlike you but circumstances probably require you to do so.. There’s no beating about the bush, or softening your opinions,—You’re upfront and honest! Determination and independent thinking is needed this month too and you’ll be quick to call someone out who crosses your boundaries. Some people might be intimidated by this because your expectation is high but don’t worry - your integrity will gain respect. Your mental capacity is razor sharp, enabling you to get to the heart of things quickly and effectually..Not everyone is likely to be your best buddy though, but this won’t bother you at all.. You’ll achieve what you set out to ..



After a Turbulent month, last month - October is filled with Love and Happiness..You can look forward to feeling happier and more fulfilled than you have in a long time. Maybe you’re taking your relationship to the next level, getting engaged or planing a wedding or a family ..Either way, your heart is filled with joy.. The stars are well aligned for you this month, especially after the 18th, when Mercury our winged messenger stations direct.. Saturn —- planet of time and karma also stationed direct on the 10th - helping to lift restrictions and delays..



A brand new beginnings awaits Scorpio with the Ace of pentacles, as your Card for the month..You could be offered a new Job or start a new project .. Either way there’s plenty of new opportunities with this Ace. October is a great month for manifesting your goals. No matter the occasion, the Ace of Pentacles heralds a time of prosperity & abundance in the material sense. This is your Green Light, the initial stages… Make sure you’re in the right mindset.
Mapping out how you’ll achieve your Goals,by creating a vision board with give you extra clarity and boosts your creativity.



when this card shows up you’ll be paying attention to sharpening up your skill set - working hard to improve what you do. It’s an ideal time to enroll on a course of study ..Whatever you do this month,you’ll be working hard at it!. If you’re taking an exam or a test then the outcome is in your favor! This won’t be through a stroke of luck though, it’s sheer hard work & revising till the early hours. Remember that this is the apprenticeship stage, even if you’re experienced in your craft.. The number Eight is a solid number for the future. Whatever you’re working on will bear fruit later on.



Saturn,your ruling planet has just stationed direct after five months of being retrograde. It’s been a difficult time of delays, restrictions, with many moments of sheer frustration! When this card shows up,it encourages you to brain storm new ideas and collaborate with others.. There is no us and them ..This is an ideal time to build a solid new structure with like minded people.. You’re on the right track to create new projects. Good project management is key with this card ,so if you feel you’re not the right man for the job, then employ someone who is.. You should create a comprehensive plan - and by doing so will pay off for the future.



When this card shows up you need to make some challenging decisions that maybe you’re not quite ready for?Weighing up the pros and cons carefully before making a choice is the message with the two of Swords. You could be making a choice between two different paths, or two different situations? . Be careful that you don’t get overloaded with too much information, or with other peoples points of view. . Buy some time if you need to before you make your final decision..Doing your research is key - so make sure you have the correct information infront of you .  The key to understanding this card is the Blindfolded woman with the two swords balanced either side of her.



The wheel of fortune is a reminder that the the wheel is always turning and life is in a constant sate of change.If you’ve been going through a difficult time you can rest assured that life will take a more positive turn this month ... Good luck and good fortune are on your side. This card is also known as the wheel of Karma and reminds us of ‘what goes around comes around’. if you want happiness and and abundance then make sure you’re sending out that message to the universe.. This is a hopeful month of change,with the Magic of fate and destiny behind you.. Miracles do happen!

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