March Tarotscopes



THE FOUR OF SWORDS~ The first part of March is a time for rest, healing and tuning into to your souls barometer before the sun goes into your sign on the 21st.  Then it’s all systems go! Make Use of this down time, you need a break from the outside and digital World. It’s time to rest,before you take on your next challenge. Being silent and inactive will help with any mental clutter or stress that’s been building up. Mediation, tranquility and spending time where you feel at peace is the message.



THE THREE OF CUPS. ~ It’s time to get the party stated, or at least plan one for your Birthday Month. This card is saying “lighten up” and have some much needed Cheer! If you haven’t been in touch with your friends lately then reach out and organise a group zoom chat. The 3 of cups is also about celebration. If you’re not quite in the mood for this just yet, then celebrate all the wonderful things you have in your life. This is generally a feminine card so a good time to celebrate your inner Goddess./feminine side.



THE WORLD ~ You’re about to close one chapter in your life to begin a new one. The message here is the completion of an old cycle. You’ve come full circle and are about to open yourself to a whole new world of Possibilities. This card also points to Travel of the extensive kind! Perhaps you are booking some exciting trips abroad or are working on your internal mapping? Either way you’re on your way to feeling great fulfillment. Landing a fabulous job abroad is also a possibility.



THE WHEEL OF FORTUNE ~ Cancer you’re in for an exciting ride this March with the wheel of Fortune. Look out for sudden opportunities - serendipity IS working in your favor and lucky breaks are about to appear. The universe is giving you a well earned break with some unexpected good fortune. This is the universal wheel, so you’ve earn’t your stripes and are being rewarded for past good will and kindness. ENJOY, and keep your eyes peeled!



THE 2 OF PENTACLES~ Have you been over spending Leo? We all know how much you love your luxury items, but it’s time to keep an eye on the purse strings this month! You might experience some unexpected expenditure so watch out for that Big bill!.. Maybe someone calls in on an old debt you’d forgotten about and you’re running around robbing peter to pay Paul.Getting your finances in order is key this month and will save you alot of unnecessary stress later on.



The HIGH PRIESTESS.~ Time to step up your Priestess energy Virgo. The High Priestess represents spiritual Knowledge, psychic intuition and inner stillness. Your intuition is getting stronger and you must learn to trust it! The work that you’re doing on yourself is paying off. Maybe you are thinking of doing some spiritual development work, joining a group or having some Therapy ? if so then this is the perfect month to start.



THE HIEROPHANT ~ This card represents established Rules & values . If you’ve already Mastered a course of study Libra, then maybe it’s time to take things to the next level. You also may be doing some mentoring in some shape of form,or perhaps you are seeking a mentor for yourself? March is all about learning - be it something new,or completing a course you put to one side. . Rule breaking could have consequences this month- so be careful. !



THE FOOL~ Time to let loose and be free Scorpio. The Fool represents New beginnings, fresh starts and taking a leap of faith into the unknown.You should feel a sense of weightlessness in the process. Maybe you want to embark on a new project, and you’re not sure about it?. The message here is go for it! You’ll will be guided and protected by the Universe. Have faith and let go!



THE EIGHT OF WANDS ~ Okay sag the breaks are off! The transition from last months reflective phase has paid off and now the winds of change are blowing your way. Communication from all corners are about to come your way, It’s a dynamic month - so go with the flow, keeping communication open. New proposals are likely to be positive ones and everything is moving fast right now,..



THE ACE OF SWORDS.~ Time to speak up and speak your truth Capricorn. Your cautious nature is about to take a back seat this month . Your need to express yourself feels imperative right now. All forms of communication will be clear, sharp and concise.This is the card of the intellect. You’re expanding your mind and new ideas are coming through thick and fast.  This is a Good time to start writing or learn something new that’s exciting & challenging.



THE JUDGEMENT CARD ~ Do you feel you’re at a cross road? This card represents a fork in the road - an important decision that will affect your life across the board. This is also a time to reach higher levels of consciousness for the service of of your highest good. You’re going through an awakening - that will see you rise and help you reach the next stage of your Journey. A powerful Month of transformation.



JUSTICE~The Justice card often appears when you need to make an important choice with the potential for long-term repercussions. Be aware of the impact your decisions will have on your well-being and the well-being of others. Choose consciously by connecting with your inner guidance (your intuition) and asking for the help you need. The energy of Justice is fair and is also about redressing the balance . Whatever the outcome, you will know it’s the right one..

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Dear Rosa I just want to write to thank you for all the advice you gave me.You said that I would have to choose between 2 men!! I'm happy to say, that not long after the reading my man came along and we've been together for 9 years !!! How FANTASTIC wishing you every success with your wonderful work.