TEN OF PENTACLES ~ Your hard work is paying off and now it’s time to turn your Attention to what you’ve achieved. Traditionally, the Ten of pentacles is the card of wealth, land, property and what we’ve aquired or achieved through our ancestral links. In mundane terms, you may want to move house, renovate you current property, or invest in bricks and mortar in some shape or form. The New Moon in Scorpio on the 4th is part of the Eclipse season,cutting across the Scorpio /Taurus Axis.Then we have a full Moon on the 19th .. Both these phases are significant because of the nature of Eclipses. They are linked to endings and new beginings . Something could be Eclipsed out of your life quite suddenly. You’ll experience significant turning points during November linked to what you value, and what you no longer need.



JUSTICE ~ November is significant for every star sign and especially for you Taurus with the new Moon on the 4th, you can expect the unexpected. Your sign is known for steady progress. You don’t like to rush things however - this month is all about truth and integrity, with the Justice card as your significator. This can be anything from dealing with legal matters, to sticking to what you believe in. Things may come to a head by the 19th,but the truth will be out. By the 22nd, when the sun enters sagittarius, you have the space and the freedom to plan ahead and fight your corner.



CHARIOT ~ This is a time of action. You’re feeling strong and confident. You might want to plan a trip, or it might just be a case of putting lots of ideas into action. The Chariot is a powerful card for getting things done and moving forward. You’ve been waiting for the right time to take your plans and make them your reality
The New Moon on the 4th could bring some unexpected surpises your way. You’re up for new experinces,and will embrace this time even if it feels unsettling. The Full Moon on the 19th, allows you to put something finally to rest. Endings followed by new beginings - November marks the start of some big changes.



THE KING OF SWORDS ~ As a cancarian you are naturally sensitive , caring and like to look after your loved ones. This month, the King of swords as your significator see’s a more stern and boundaried side to you.This might come as a shock to those who haven’t seen this side to you before but it’s nessacary for you to speak your mind and set stronger boundaries . November is pivotal for all signs, and especially Waters signs. On the 4th, we have a powerful New Moon in Scorpio. This marks a time of New beginings for you. On the 19th, we have a Lunar Eclipse, that brings some much needed release. The spotlight will be on relationships and Finances.



THE EMPRESS ~ November is a fertile time with the Empress as your significator. The new Moon on the 4th highlights, and is a symbol for new Beginings - and in Scorpio, there’s a feeling of well being and abundance. Taking better care of your needs are highlighted too, and you will also want to make your home a sacred space of Calm and tranquility. Making changes to your diet, or taking up a new excersise regime are also at the forfront. The results will be transformational! The full Moon on the 19th may bring some unexpected news.



THE ACE OF CUPS. ~ Virgo your cup is over flowong this month with Love and abundance. The Ace of cups is the card of emotional new beginings . If you’re single, then don’t be surpsised if you meet someone that deeply connects with.Virgo’s that are coupled up, can expect a lovely month of engaging with others on a deep - healing level.Relationships that are not going well could find that the New moon on the 4th marks the begining of the end. Eclipse season is upon us,so expect an awakening that brings some significant changes of the transformational kind. By the 22nd, when the Sun enters Sagittaruis, you can breathe a sigh of relief.



THE QUEEN OF CUPS.~ This Queen is sensitive kind and caring. You either need to be more like her or less, depending on your circumstances this month. You might find that a water sign person has a powerful affect on you. ( cancer Scorpio
Pisces) This could be a friend, or the start of a brand new relationship, that allows you to engage deeply, like never before.. The New Moon on the 4th,symbolising new Beginings, marks the start of a new relationship phase. By the 19th, we have a the Full Moon Eclipse. You can say goodbye to the past,and start to turn your focus inward, toward self reflection..



THE EMPEROR ~ A powerful month for all Scorpio’s with the Sun, Mercury and Mars in Scorpio. The Emperor represent the archetypal father and those in Authority. Look out for themes or issues with authority figures this month. If you’re looking to succeed on the corporate ladder or make head - way with your career, then this couldn’t be a better time. The New and full Moon on the 4th and 19th brings suprises and the unexpected. Themes of Loss, death and regenaration are strongly marked for you. You leave no stone unturned..



SIX OF WANDS ~ You can bask in victory this month sagittaruis with the six of wands as your significator. Small but significant victories are yours to enjoy,  so make sure you own them. You might be completing a project,taking a final exam, winning a court case or gernerally feeling proud of your achievements. Watch out for themes of unexpected surpises though, with a powerful Eclipse - starting with a New Moon on the 4th in Scorpio . Sign posts that point to change, resulting in turning points are strongly marked. By the 19th, something comes to full Circle.All the uncertain rumblings about something or someone reaches a climax. It’s make or break, and all for the right reasons… There’s is no turning back this tine.



THE SUN ~This month is one of your Best so far, with the Sun as your significator. Feeling Happy, isn’t usually at the top of your list being ruled by stern Saturn..You are usually working hard to achieve somthing significant.
This month however you have a lot to celebrate. Maybe you’re taking a trip to warmer destinations or perhaps celebrating some recent succsesses. Either way, look out for themes of endings and new Beginings as we enter Eclipse season from the 4th to the 19th. Eclipse’s are big ‘game changers’ and can last up to 6 months or more - often linked to endings and New beginings.



STRENGHT. ~ November -  you enter a month of inner strength and wellness.. You could be thinking of starting a weight loss challenge, getting fitter, or genreally taking better care of yourself. Passions may run high though around the 4th with a powerful New Moon in Scorpio… The strength card can also awaken your passions..For you,this could be a good thing if you’ve been feeling a little flat of late, but watch out that you don’t take this too far. The full Moon on the 19th brings some uexpected news that will make you change track. You will see the value in this change later on.



THE ACE OF SWORDS ~ Speaking your truth Pisces, with the Ace of Swords as your Significator. You’re not usally one to be blunt or confronational however the up and coming Eclipse season from the 4th, marks a turning point in your personal life.. You can carry you thoughts around with you, or you can cut through the BS and get straight to the Point! With the Sun, Mercury and Mars is no nonsense Scorpio, those that underestimate you are in for a shock! Just be careful around the new and Full Moon on the 4th and 19th.Uranus the planet of surpises and the unexpected, might see you clash with someone you thought was a friend..Leave important decision making till after the 22nd, when the Sun enters Sagittarius. .

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