August Tarotscopes



ARIES ~ The HIEROPHANT ~ August is all about going back to tradition. The tried and tested. The Hierophant rules institutions such as Hospitals, churches and universities, so check in with your yourself if you’ve been putting off a medical appointment. Or you may be thinking of joining a spiritual group or university. Taurus is the sign for the Hierophant, so you’ll be very much looking at long term security and how to stay safe during these uncertain times



THE DEVIL ~ Too much excess or negative thinking can lead you to feeling stuck Taurus. Find ways to release some tensions this month as the Devil card represents feeling stuck or trapped in some way. But this is an illusion as this card also says you’re feelings are coming from Fear.. Also excess food alcohol or too much of a good thing comes under the energies of the devil, so keep a tight reign on consumption and maybe write your fears out in a journal. Be careful of toxic connections too.



THE WORLD ~ What a fabulous month for you Gemini, you’ve come full circle and now feel that you’re achieving your goals. You may also be offered a great job, travel, or be rewarded for something that you’ve been working hard for.  There’s a sense of feeling whole when this card turns up. Congratulate yourself for all the hard work you’ve been doing and look forward now to your successes.



THE QUEEN OF SWORDS ~ Okay Cancer its time to set firmer boundaries and tell it like it is . This queen takes no prisoner, and if you’ve been feeling over looked, or that someone is taking you for granted, then it’s time to set the record straight and speak up ! There’s an element of speaking your Truth that needs to be told. You will be highly respected for taking control, and anyone that steps over the mark will soon realize never to do so again.



THE QUEEN OF CUPS ~ August is a month when you’ll feel more in touch emotionally Leo. Maybe there is some deep soul searching going on or you need to connect with your heart more than your Head. You may find yourself at the center of other peoples problem ~ but in a positive way. . Friends, family or colleagues will trust you with their deepest secrets, as you’ll be seen as a person that listens without judgment. Showing kindness to others will result in good karma coming to you for the future.



THE THREE OF PENTACLES ~ Getting your house in order Virgo seems to be the theme for July. Maybe you’re building a new extension, or looking to build new structures with work projects.  This will go well for you and those that you liaise with will be cooperative . Any important meetings for July will go well. If you scheduled any before,then see if you can postpone and wait until Mercury comes out of it’s Shadow period, around the first week in July.



THE EIGHT OF PENTACLES ~New projects go well for you Libra.  If you’re looking to start something new in the way of a job, project, course or apprenticeship, then August is a positive month for things to go your way . This is a hard working month but it will be worth it and you will see when you look back that it’s also a necessary part of building something new and solid for your future.



THE CHARIOT ~ August is a powerful month for you Scorpio. Your confidence is soaring and you’re raring to go forward. Travel plans look promising for work or for pleasure. Watch out for clashes with others though, as the chariot card can also indicate being too Forceful or over confident. You’re moving forward and making big strides this month.



THE DEATH CARD ~ August is a month of deep transformation for you Sag.. You’ll see lots of endings, but you’ve been feeling this for some time. You’re experiencing a death rebirth process which will last for many months. By the end of this cycle you’ll feel like a different person.. Maybe you’re already planning to make some big changes? But this is more of an inner process that will result in outer change as you go forward.



THE QUEEN OF PENTACLES ~ This Queen is a strong practical earthy Queen,that fits well with you Capricorn, being an Earth sign. You’ll be dealing with the practical side of life this month or you need to. Business matters seems to be the theme at the moment so get your Capricorn head on and organize those meetings and interviews. A good solid month of hard work for you. Work well done.



THE EMPEROR ~ Authority figures feature strongly for you this month. Do you need to get in touch with the C.E.O of a company, or do you need to meet with an authority figure in your current work, or business? If so this is the month to go for it. The Emperor also relates to the archetypal Father figure. Maybe there are some father issues for you to tend to. ? If so, then don’t put them off. Lots of responsibility for you this month but you can handle it.



THE EIGHT OF CUPS. Going into the unknown is the theme for August Pisces . You’ve been on a personal inner journey for many months now, and ready to make some important decisions. Do you hold on ? Or do you walk away?. You feel like you’re very much on a soul searching path,and are dealing with some deep psychological issues that have been long Buried. This is an inner - and very important journey that you need to make in order to find out where you need to be and with whom.

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Rosa.... late thank you for Joe's amazing reading - you answered all his questions before he even asked them -he's so wowed by that! Also by showing him future structure of events gives him the strength and balance to go forwards with confidence. i can't thank you enough - you're the best- with your unique & inimitable style on so many levels Much love and thanks

Danka London March 2020