April TarotScopes



THE THREE OF CUPS ~ It’s time to let your hair down Aries and have some much needed cheer!  Gatherings, and sharing special moments is the theme for April. There’s so much to celebrate with some Good news thrown into the mix too. Celebrating with groups,particularly woman is beneficial to you. Celebrating your inner Goddess, and forming strong bonds with woman generally, you are at the center of bringing people together and forming deep and life long bonds.



THE KING OF PENTACLES ~ You’ll be wanting to get your Business house in order this month Taurus,as this king has his feet firmly on “Terra Firma”. Maybe you need to take some Financial advice too - connected to a new business venture.. When we embody the King of pentacles we approach life in a practical way. This is a good time to start a new Venture, but make sure you do your Number crunching before you commit.



THE SEVEN OF WANDS ~ April is a stressful month Gemini. With so much going on - you may need to delegate some of your responsibilities. Having said this you can handle the stress and are strong and determined to tackle the many challenges that come your way. If you’ve taken on more responsibilities or been given more,then there could also be a test involved. Don’t worry you have the capacity and stamina to pass - with flying colours!



THE SIX OF PENTACLES ~ You’re a Good - Hearted Soul by nature Cancer and are always there to lend a helping Hand. This month see’s you helping others but this isn’t about just giving. The six of pentacles talks about the balance between giving and receiving. Of course there’s nothing wrong with giving without a return, but when this card shows up its saying that you’ve given more than your fare share over time.. Make sure that you don’t help or give too much of your self away..



THE ACE OF PENTACLES ~ The universe is about to show you your Worth Leo. This month is all about new beginnings related to work and finance. If you’re looking for a new way to earn a living you’ll be lucky enough the find one. This comes in the way of a new job, or a new Secure cycle. Maybe you’ve been working on this for a while and now the time has come to reap what you have sown ...



THE HIEROPHANT ~ You’re cautious nature is always in the fore front with most of your day to day doings Virgo and you love to analyse and break down facts - it’s just the way you process information. The Hierophant is connected to institutions such as Churches, Hospitals and religious teachings. Maybe you become a mentor in some shape or form or perhaps learning or teaching a course of study is of interest to you this month . Either way stick to the tried and tested is also the message. .



THE FIVE OF PENTACLES ~ The five of pentacles shows up when there is a feeling of Scarcity! This is not the month to splash out or invest in anything new. You may also be thinking or looking for a new place to live or stay due to circumstances. The other side to the coin is helping others in Need. You may be called upon to help out the needy,  or perhaps getting involved with those less fortunate than yourself like a charity.



THE SIX OF CUPS ~ Revisiting your past or letting it go, April is a month of deep Nostalgia. This card shows up when we connect with our past in some way? Maybe someone from your past contacts you, or perhaps some childhood friends come together and invite you to be there. If you’re working on letting go of the past,you might even be working with past life therapy or connections. If this is the case be prepared for some uncomfortable but necessary feelings for growth.



THE JUDGMENT CARD ~ You’re experiencing a BIG awakening Sagittarius,one that’s been a long time coming. The Judgment Card is an important major card in the Tarot. This cards energy comes with important life changing decisions. Any decisions you make this Month will impact your life across the board ... There is a fork in the road - a new direction to take. Think wisely and you won’t look back.



THE CHARIOT ~The Chariot is a welcome card and talks about action, movement and life taking a different and usually positive turn for the better . If you’ve been feeling stuck, then April is the month where you’ll see some much needed movement.. This is a powerful energy..The key is to make sure that things don’t become too out of control. On the plus side, you’re feeling strong confident and positive about your next move forward.



THE QUEEN OF WANDS ~ Time to get your creative vibe going Aquarius. This Queen is brimming with fiery energy and wants to get stared with new and exciting ventures . April is the start of a new cycle for you. Maybe you meet with an inspiring Fire sign woman who helps you bring some new ideas into fruition. Either way there is a buzz of Magic in the air…. Don’t miss out!



THE TWO OF PENTACLES. ~ This card often shows up when there is a need to find some balance either with your finances,or with life in general. Perhaps you’ve been robbing Peter to pay Paul for too long as a short term solution but actually there’s an unstable situation that needs to be addressed for good.  If you’re able to do so,then this is the month! You do have a knack of finding ways to sort things out to your advantage and this will become evidently clear to you..

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