From August 12th Mercury goes Retrograde till the 5th of September . The Ace of Swords is asking you to be clear and concise as you possibly can with all communications,especially so with writing, contracts and signed Documents. Double check and go through everything you sign for with a fine tooth Comb. The Ace of Swords is also about truth, it would be difficult for anyone to get past you with lies and deception this month, your mind is Razor sharp!. If you do come across any problems then don’t be afraid to point out or call someone if they are trying to pull the wool over your Eyes. A month of Clarity but hold off if you can with signing important documents after the 12th .



Mars the planet of action is in Fiery Leo until the first week of September - when he changes signs and enters Earthy Virgo. Get as much done as you can Taurus throughout August, as you have the help of the Charioteer to move things forward at a very fast pace.  The chariot’s Energy is dynamic- so try not to get too carried away -  as like the two sphinxes in this card pulling you forward you need to make sure you’re in control. You might feel like you’re invincible - you’ll certainly be feeling confident, so make the most of it but don’t get too carried away as your plans could back fire when someone pulls the plug on a project because you’re coming across just a little bit too over bearing! 



Your ruling planet Mercury goes Retrograde around the 12th of August Gemini so the Six of Cups is a good time to look back and Review - Rewind - and Revisit the past. This is not to say that you stay there too long, it’s more about looking back into situations that need addressing and perhaps putting right. Any documents or Paper work should be finalized before the 12th if you’re looking for the best outcome. Paperwork that’s been sat in your draft folder would be worth taking another look at too . Another theme could be that people from your past may make a re -entry. Watch your actions also as the six of Cups has Karmic themes, you may have to re - address past actions.



Time to toughen up Cancer and speak out, and set stronger boundaries .It’s time to show others you’re not a push over when it comes to Business and Financial decisions . Mercury Planet of communication - Sisters / Brothers is in your sign. This couldn’t be a better time to re - negotiate terms and conditions of any kind. Hold off on signing important documents though - or finalizing projects until Mercury goes direct on the 12th September. Remember also there is a shadow period before he gets going again so allow a few days either side before and after this phase.



Mars in your Sign since July 20th and throughout August “Ramps” up the pace significantly for you Leo, so prepare for a busy month ahead.The Moon card however may dampen or illuminate - it just depends on what it is that needs to be seen although with Moon energy it is more about what is unseen! The Moon card carries energies of Deception too. It may seem that there’s a veil between what is real and what isn’t. You may also have vivid dreams at this time, perhaps even precognitive ones so keep a writing pad by your bedside and jot down your dreams as soon as you wake up. They’ll reveal the hidden messages as you Piece   them all together.



The Sun enters your Sign Virgo on the 23rd for a whole month. The Empress card couldn’t be a better card to receive, as you should start to feel a sense of fulfillment that you’re accomplishing what you set out to achieve. This is also a good month for attracting Abundance.. Being practical and logical is what you’re about but sometimes its good to step out of this zone and connect with the energies that are unseen but do exist. If you’re hoping to be promoted or perhaps looking for a new position at work with more responsibility or a wage rise - you might just be surprised what This month has in store.



Decision time Libra. This is the month when you really do need to weigh things up in a clear and balanced way. The muddy thoughts of the past few months are now behind you - August is a perfect time to work out where you need to be next . Libra can generally find it difficult to come to a conclusion with important issues. Decision making isn’t one of your strongest points however this month you are asked to think your plans through intelligently using the Libran Scales of Justice to help you along the way. Jupiter the sign of Good Luck, expansion and Healing is in your sign so .take advantage of his generous Spirit. This is your time to spread your wings and fly!.



August is a busy month Scorpio - with plenty going on and much galloping about with the Knight of Wands as your chosen card.Your energy levels go up a few notches, so you’ll get plenty done. Meeting new people and making new contacts are also well starred for you. There is a dynamic vibe about you that takes you in many different directions .This all feels exciting,  but make sure you don’t burn out - or take on too much as you might find that by the end of the month what you could have potentially accomplished amounted to very little. Use your energies wisely, and don’t be afraid to delegate your work load.



Saturn - Old Father time has been in your sign for almost two years now Sagittarius and finally leaves on December 20th this year. Saturn is the hard task master of the zodiac but this is never in vain. These past few months especially have shown you the potential for new horizons. You’ve had no choice but to learn many valuable lessons about yourself - you now have the chance to change parts of yourself that no longer serves. The Ace of Pentacles is beckoning -  a new beginning - a gift from the universe. A new Job - or a new and exciting project that has the potential to grow into something significant- are all part of this Ace’s Themes.



Time to let your Hair down Capricorn and have some much needed fun . All work and no play made jack a dull boy, as the saying goes. Mercury Trine your Sun till the 12th is a good time to get as much done as possible before he goes Retrograde. You’ll be busy finalizing things and putting final touches on projects and documents. After this - its time to socialize and see friends that you’ve been neglecting.. Plan things that you enjoy doing with your favorite people, not everything in life has to have a purpose or a goal. Do what is good for your Soul even if its just this once!



The Sun in Leo opposite your Sun this month will create challenges but not necessarily bad ones.  With the Two of wands you’ll be more objective - looking at situations from different angles brings positive results.You might be presented with challenges that force you to change the way you see the World - and the way you do things. You’re creating a new perspective for yourself , and from this point you can make some positive decisions. There could also be a conflict of interest with others -  but as long as you remain objective you’ll be the winner.



Mercury Trine your Sun helps you make some positive decisions this Month. These decisions are important ones - as the Judgment card is about being at a cross roads. Where you go to from here will have a bearing on your life for many years to come Pisces so make sure that they are well thought out and Rock Solid. This is also a good month to decide which direction you need to be going in but you need stick to it once your decisions are made. If there is any doubt,then wait. You’ve reached a point of no return though so its unlikely that you’ll put things on Hold.

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