Celebrity predictions for 2011

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From Reveal Magazine December 2010, will 2011 make or break these celebrity couples? Check out Rosa’s Predictions for 2011!

As seen in Reveal Magazine

Wayne & Coleen Rooney:

Quick Astro Facts:

Wayne and colleen‘s Astro profile looks like the perfect match, at a glance.  Wayne’s Sun in Lusty Scorpio and Coleen’s in assertive Aries, suggest a mutual attraction, with Mars as both their ruler.  Colleen’s   attraction to alpha males with masculine status, and Wayne’s natal Venus in Libra opposing Colleen’s Sun, suggests that opposites do attract!

Clairvoyant prediction:

Wayne’s indiscretion, with earlier this year may have satisfied his experimental side, but Coleen‘s no push over and she’ll make him work very hard for forgiveness…. She’ll be wearing the trousers for a while, making sure that she’s surrounded by people she can really trust. This has been a big test for the Rooney’s. However there’s further embarrassment for Wayne as another salacious story is leaked next year!

Brad Pitt &Angelina Jolie:

Quick Astro facts:

Angelina’s sun in Gemini, and Brads Sun in Sagittarius makes these two polar opposites. Why does Angelina appear the more dominant one? Brad has many planets in Angelina’s 6th house. In Astrology the sixth house indicates work & service, employer’s charities and adoption. With so much emphasis here, this relationship is all about work.

Clairvoyant prediction:

What Angelina wants, Angelina gets. The cracks are already evident in their relationship, and some would say that they are in fact not really together? Angelina already has her sights set on someone else. “The beautiful couple” have a shaky year ahead.  They may well break up in the coming year?

Abby clancy & Peter Crouch:

Quick Astro facts:

With an abundance of Planets in Earthy & ambitious Capricorn, Abbey Clancy has a steely determination, and won’t allow her emotions to dictate her lucrative plans for the Future. Peter has Sun in Aquarius, with his Venus (the love planet) in traditional Capricorn; this indicates that Abby is his ideal woman. His indiscretion earlier this year was completely out of character for peter.

Clairvoyant Prediction :

2011, Not only brings a beautiful baby for Abbey and Peter, Abbeys Career will move on into another direction. She’ll be looking to launch her own brand of clothing (Possibly baby clothes) and we may even see her appear in one of the soaps! She’ll be far too busy to think about anything other than work. The wedding goes on hold, but they’ll stay together.

Katie Price & Alex Reid:

Quick Astro facts:

Katie is a Sun sign Gemini with Moon in Scorpio, and Alex is a Fiery Leo with his moon squaring up to Katie’s Moon in Aquarius. Alex was born on a full moon (Sun opposite moon) This indicates inner Struggles to find balance with a constant feeling of a “Tug of war” Sun opposite moon people often create “Love hate relationships” and are very misunderstood.

Clairvoyant predicition:

Katie & Alex’s marriage was never going to be straight forward and 2011 looks like make or break for these two. Despite Katie’s obsession with having another baby, Alex is more focused on his career. Opportunities for Alex (Possibly abroad) will see these two grow apart as the couple, with rumours of a split again!.

Vernon Kay &Tess Daley:

Quick Astro facts:

Vernon and Tess have many harmonious aspects. Both born with their natal Sun in Taurus. In Astrology this is known as a conjunction. With Venusians good looks, and the ability to make loads of cash, astrologically their charts are very compatible. However, their composite charts have a Venus opposition coupled with a powerful Pluto/ Mars tussle in Vernon’s, leading to power struggles & the need to get to the top at any cost.

Clairvoyant Prediction:

Tess & Vernon are set to head off state side in 2011 with great career opportunities. They’ll be a big hit in L A! Making a fresh start from the embarrassment of their recent problems, Tess has a forgiving nature and will bend over backwards to keep her family together. Vernon needs to be careful next year though, as his ego energy& drive, could land him in Court!

Tom cruise & Katy Holms:

Quick Astro facts:

Tom & Katy have a lot of significant aspects together. Tom’s Venus in Leo, Conjuncts Katy’s Moon in Leo. Having the same moon sign gives that extra special quality. There’s a Square between Tom’s Saturn and Katy’s Venus which creates problems in their relationship. This aspect is very stressful, and can cause couples to split acrimoniously.

Clairvoyant prediction:

Katy has called for a trial separation, but Tom is having none of it! Katy feels the need for space to find her own identity. We will see less of them as a couple next year and more of Katy working solo on projects, possibly to do with charities for children in the developing countries. Divorce isn’t an option in the short run, but time apart is definitely on the cards. For Katy and Tom.

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