Simple Spells that are easy to do

                          Spell Bound… A collection of very simple spells:

Flow of life spell:

This is a great spell if you want to keep things flowing in your life.
Take a glass of water and a Clear quartz crystal. Anoint the crystal with some essential oil of your choice.  Put the anointed crystal into the glass, focusing on your wishes flowing towards you and say
‘Prosperity, abundance, and happiness flow to me easily and effortlessly ‘
Through   Divine power and love.”
Place the glass on your window seal in the sunlight for 7 days

Prosperity Spell:
Anoint 3 Green candles in a triangular configuration. Place a Basil leaf, and some Pyrite or Tigers eye on the Basil. Burn some Frankincense and focus your intention on your wish i.e. Money, New job, pay rise etc and say
“Prosperity is coming to me in the right and perfect way”
Light your Candles and let them burn down till the end
Love Spell:

This Spell is best done on a Friday, which is the day of Venus.
Take a Pink Candle and anoint it with Rose, Jasmine, or Ylang - Ylang essential oil. Place a small piece of rose Quartz that’s also been anointed with the same oil and place it on a dry Rose petal
Light your Candle and say
“Love is here it’s on its way Once arrived it’s here to stay “
Let the candle burn down till the end

Protection spell:
Take some Obsidian and anoint it with some with Rosemary oil. Take a dark coloured candle and do the same from pole to pole
Light the candle and say
“With this crystal I will stay- safe and protected   each and every day”
Carry the anointed obsidian with you for as long as you need to

Banishing Spell:
This Spell is best done 2-3 days after the full Moon
Take a sage smudge stick, some sea salt and a Feather. Sprinkle the sea salt along all of your window seals, doors, inside and out. Light your smudge stick and in a circular movement go into each room of your home cleansing, and fanning the smoke with your Feather. When you’ve cleansed each Rooms, Using sound such as drumming or clapping go around each room with your chosen sound.  When you feel satisfied Go to your front door open it and tell the good hearth spirits, that they are welcome into your home.  Leave a small offering if you wish outside, by the front door of flowers or cookies.
This spell is best done on a Sunday the day of Rest.


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