September 15. New Moon in Virgo.

New Moon in Virgo. 15 September 2012:

The Virgo New Moon - A time to initiate new beginnings. All things Virgo relates to our day- to day Life and dealings, and work and service to others . Think about Key words for Virgo:
Analytically minded , Intelligent, helpful, conscientious, reserved, critical, organised.

New Moon in Virgo also gives us the opportunity to look at our personal goals, as well as our powers of healthy, constructive discrimination. Rolling up our sleeves and getting down to some serious work , beginning a new project and paying attention to detail, are all Virgo themes. This would also be a good time to start a health regime or look towards becoming more healthier .. Paying attention to what you eat and setting up specific routines to help manage your day -to- day living in an organised and healthier way. Quitting smoking, incorporating more vitamins and minerals to your diet, freeing your Mind of Clutter, and start to make important changes to your life. Writing lists, perhaps writing down the positives and negatives in your life, and burning the list with the negatives.. Burning represents Purification… please be mindful with this and never send negative energies to anyone, it will do the reverse and boomerang back!

The Virgo new Moon may not have much ‘Razzel Dazzel’ and may sound a tad boring, but remember that Virgo is also ruled by the planet Mercury, The messenger and communicator. Writing and other literary themes can also be incorporated as a part of this new Moon phase. Make a wish list ( another Virgo theme) and as you achieve your goals tick them off. If you’re working with universal lore then cosmic order today, writing down clearly on a piece of paper your wish. Fold it 3 times and burn a single dinner size candle to the end with your wish under the candle . If you want to know which color to use according to your request , here is a my list

White - All purpose if that’s all you have.
Purple - Psychic and spiritual development.
Blue - Healing, sending healing and communication.
Green - prosperity, good luck and good fortune… IE Job, finances
Pink - Love, relationships, self love sending love.
Yellow - Friendship, inner child intellect, Clarity
Orange - Social-ability groups interaction self worth and self esteem
Red - Strength, vitality, sexual energy, Earthly matters…( In some cultures Red is also the colour for Luck

Bright Blessings

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I first found you a year ago just after spilt with love of my life, i had a text answered for me then spoke off screen to mainly annie, but now have spoke to a lot of them,but spok to rose and ann schole this last week asking for a reading not say asking any questions, and both came upwith the same information that i was waiting for an ex to come back which there both said would that i had been spilt a while form but would come good in end , i was blow away at how much there give me about it and told me how i was and how he was feeling. so now just waiting for it to fall in place, how can 4 psychic whom do not know whom i am give me the same information, SO I SAY TO ANY ONE WHOM MIGHT READ THIS JUST TRUST THEM LIKE I HAVE it will blow you away too ,it gives you back that hope, so all i can say is a BIG THANKS to all of you which have helpeed me along, and i know i can check in at any time xxxx.

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