Media credits


Psychic world: Channel 885: Feb 2012
Big brothers bit on the side : June 2012

Reveal Magazine Celebrity Predictions Jan 2011
Fate and Fortune - Psychic in the Spotlight
Daily Express: Reading & Review. July 2011
Soul&Spirit Love & Horoscope Magazine sept 2011
Beauty in the stars. Published aritcle about
cosmetic surgery and Star signs. October 2011.

  • Stylist Magazine - October 27th 2010
  • January - Eso.TV Budapest
  • Rosa goes to Budapest, to host her very own
  • Live Interactive Psychic show for Eso.TV Telemedia.


  • City Talk Radio Paranormal Show Live interview.
  • Rosa discusses Astrology and Clairvoyance, with Roy Bassnett
  • Radio “Live at five” with Christian O’ Connell
  • Astro-chart forecast, for 2010 Prince William and Kate Middleton Will they “tie the Knot”? It seems that maybe they will!
  • Does the X Factor winner Joe Mcelderry have what it takes? To stay “at the top” in 2010?


  • Soul&Spirit magazine published feature written by Rosa on the Planet Venus “Un lock the secrets to your heart”
  • Spiritualist news international Rosa becomes a regular monthly contributor writing articles of spiritual interest.
  • Sunday Independent Interview, and photo shoot regarding legislation for professional Psychics
  • Radio “Mondo” Live interview with Roberto Perrone talking all things Italian and Rosa’s journey as a media Psychic in the UK!


  • Click here to view this short film “Life explained on Film” Rosa Derriviere, featured in this short film about her life and journey as a professional psychic
  • Rosa Derriviere “On the Front line”.... Literally!!
  • Rosa was 1 of 40 Clairvoyants to brave the national IQ test competing against 5 other groups.
  • Rosa predicted that The surgeons would win, and that presenter Danny Wallace would score lower than the previous year Her predictions were of course - “SPOT ON “
  • Video jug. Life explained on film. A short film with Rosa answering questions about the psychic world and how she became a Professional Psychic.


  • BBC3 celebrity scissors hands children in need.


  • Sky TV “Psychic Interactive”
  • “Good Morning Psychic”
  • “Psychic Zone”
  • Appears regularly, on All 3 show’s as one of UK’S Leading Psychics.


  • Radio XFM Rosa was the Official radio XFM psychic, on Christian O’Connell’s Breakfast show.
  • C4 Documentary “Ten top ways to contact the dead” - Rosa was 1 of 10 experts.
  • News of the World photo shoot and published feature with Atomic Kitten, Rosa wowed Natasha Hamilton with a psychic reading!


  • BBC World service. Interview on De JA Vu, for scientific discussion.
  • Company Magazine ‘Celebrity Predictions’
  • Published article on A-list Celebrities.


  • Cups of coffee and angel cake, Rosa took a break from her Psychic work and made this short film, with her husband.


  • Featured in many magazines including ‘Here’s Health More & Me’ magazine Rosa’s spot on accurate readings, were put to the test.


  • Rosa worked as a Psychic & Spiritual teacher, at Mysteries.

Other skills include

  • Shiatsu massage
  • Healing
  • Astrology
  • Chakra Balancing
  • Spiritual& Psychic
  • Workshop teacher

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Hi Rosa, > > Wow, thank you so much! I really enjoyed the reading and am so > grateful for the experience. Of course I am still processing but > everything you said was so spot on and is allowing me to feel > differently - more positive and less anxious- about my life! > > Thanks again.

Shonelle March 2018 London