Rosa is one of the UK’s most spot-on psychics. A passionate modern mystic, well-known for her amazing accuracy and down-to-earth insights, she brings the uplifting gifts of warmth and humour into her work.

Rosa comes from a southern Italian family of psychic healers and natural clairvoyants. She grew up listening to tales of Benevento, a beautiful ancient town famous for its white witches, dark sorcerers, and the potent liqueur, Strega, which is named after them.

When she was just 8 years old Rosa had a life-changing spiritual experience on her first visit to Italy. Her grandmother, Caterina, lived in the small village of Puduli in a house with green shutters and fragrant herbs on the balcony. But Caterina was no ordinary little old lady. People came from far a wide to see her. She was the village healer, and those herbs weren’t just for cooking - she made lotions and potions from them too! On that unforgettable family holiday Rosa arrived just as her grandmother was performing a powerful healing ritual. Caterina held one hand over a woman’s head, muttering a soft mantra under her breath. Taking a section of the woman’s hair she pulled it up until there was a clicking sound. Tossing a handful of rice over the woman’s head, she spoke again. The mysterious ritual was over. Rosa began to cry for her father, feeling scared by what she had witnessed.  She told no-one back in England. Yet this special secret unlocked the door to her ultimate destiny as a healer, psychic and clairvoyant.

Rosa went on to travel widely as her psychic work took her to many places - including America, Australia, and New Mexico. She studied the Japanese art of Shiatsu massage, combining it with energy balancing and other forms of healing which enabled her clients to transform blockages in their systems, and move towards a more rewarding life. She also created and taught popular courses and workshops in Tarot for personal development.

Her dynamic psychic work continues these themes - drawing on her rich experiences to empower people and encourage them to grab life with both hands and make the most of it. Rosa loves to dispel old fashioned myths about the psychic world, sweep away the cobwebs and tell it like it is - with understanding, empathy, and compassion.

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This is to confirm on my previous reading. You were correct on so many things *The name of my next girl friend & her profession. *i'm selling my house. *there was a problem with my central heating. *My mum needs to take care of her health.. *I had a big bonus coming. *I would raise the money for the renovations. Thank you Rosa

Jason - October 2020